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Why is slate so popular when it comes to choosing a roofing material?

July 3, 2012

Slate is a durable, readily available, long lasting roofing material that has been a popular choice in the UK ever since the days of the Romans, but things back then were far simpler and there weren't as many options available. Nowadays we have the choice of picking from local, imported, and man-made slate. Here at TW Roofing with all our years of roofing experience, we feel its our responsibility to decide what offers our customers the best quality and value for money. Below we outline some of the qualities of traditional slate. Locally sourced slate: British slate has many qualities, its a tough, hard wearing and watertight option, and is also very pleasing to the eye, therefore it makes a great addition to any roof, whatever period the property is from. Recently updated regulations mean that we must ensure that all newly quarried British slate we use on projects must be frost and fire proof, which is a great additional benefit to any property it is used on. There are lots of different types of British slate available, but perhaps best known and the most highly sought after is Welsh slate, it is greyish blue in colour and is regarded in the roofing business as the highest quality slate available. That doesn't mean all the other options available are inferior, as there are some other great choices of slate on the market, including Westmorland, Burlington, Scottish Ballachulish, Cornish Delabole, and Easdale are still an excellent quality slate. Slate of this quality does come with a hefty price tag and is probably not the best option for those of you working within a tight budget. It’s not just the material costs that will hit you in the pocket, it’s also the labour involved when using these types of slate. The installation of a natural slate roof is a very professional job that needs to be done by experienced roofers who have the right experience, and this sort of experience comes at a cost, so you must factor this into your budget if you decide to opt for a slate roof. A cheaper option when having your roof re-fitted is to ask the roofer to slavage as many of the existing slates as he can and mix and match them with the new ones. You could match these with whatever new tile you choose and re-lay them on your new roof, or you could try and sell them at one of the many reclamation yards that are springing up around the country.


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